About Us

We ARE The Rowdy Redneck.  If you are a part of the Country Music lifestyle, you know we party different than the others.  There is no way to explain it to those who haven't experienced, and we don't care to.  We are a FAMILY... bonded by songs that tell a story... nights that never end.... short jean shorts and whiskey.... and a love for this great nation and those who protect it!
We ARE a California-based Country Music Lifestyle Brand.  We hope to be the ONE PLACE you go to stock up on everything you need for your next country concert or festival.  Everything from unique and fun tailgate/drinking accessories, to lyric shirts, to RowdyRedneck Original Apparel... we are your one stop shop.
We ARE committed to a best-in-class buying experience.  Our passion for this life runs deep and our customers (The Rowdy Nation) are why we do this.  We guarantee your satisfaction and will stand by our promises.  Have a suggestion?  Feedback?  Questions?... Reach out... we WANT to hear from you!!  This brand is nothing if not for the people we share it with and your satisfaction is our success.
We ARE a member of the Country Music Community!!  A week doesn't go by where you can't find one (or all) of us at a local Country Bar.  If you see us... come say hi... let's have a shot!
From ALL of us... THANK YOU for visiting our site and for your support of the Country Music Lifestyle!

"Country Wild and Free"