EVENT Women's F*CK Cancer Tee Shirt (Unisex)
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EVENT Women's F*CK Cancer Tee Shirt (Unisex)

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If there is one thing the Rowdy Rednecks love, its Boobs ( o )( o )!!  So, naturally we hate anything that threatens them.  For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Rowdy crew is showing their support with our new F*CK Cancer Shirt.  Regular price is $15, but if you are a cancer survivor, shoot us an email (bill@therowdyredneck.com) and we will give you a promo code for a discount.

For the Ladies,  the sizes are mens (unisex) Small and Medium.  The shirts are then cut as a crop style with cut sleeves.  The Rowdy Patch (in Pink) is then moved to the back of the shirt. 

Sizes - S, M (Unisex Sizes)

  • Athletic Fit
  • Cotton / 40% Polyester
  • Pre-laundered for reduced Shrinkage
  • Thin Collar
  • Machine Washable


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