Strip Beer Pong
Strip Beer Pong
Strip Beer Pong
Strip Beer Pong
Strip Beer Pong
Strip Beer Pong
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Strip Beer Pong

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It's just like STRIP POKER but you play it during BEER PONG!

FIRST: Make your Shot

THEN: You opponents reveal the consequence

CONTINUE: Until your opponent is BUCK NAKED!

You sink the ball and watch your opponent strip.


Ever play strip poker? Ever think it would be great if you could integrate strip poker into the game of beer pong? You are in luck because this Strip Beer Pong cups and balls set does exactly that.

This cups and balls set includes 22 cups (10 for each end of the table plus wash cups) and six (6) beer pong balls.

Of the 22 cups, there are six (6) different cup results:

  • Remove 1 article of clothing
  • Shooter’s choice
  • Shooter removes one article of clothing
  • Put on 1 article of clothing
  • Remove 2 articles of clothing
  • Remove all clothes

Arrange the cups differently for each game and place the cups you don’t want hit, i.e. remove all clothes, onto the hardest to hit places during re-racks.